Tax Preparation Services

Investing sufficient time in organizing your tax documents can considerably lower the chances of dealing with financial errors while filing tax returns. Our process begins by gathering all the vital tax documents and ensuring the accuracy of the available information.

Did you know that your reporting responsibility with the SRI (IRS) depends on the legal business structure? – We provide personalized tax filing services, whether it is IVA, Income, Municipality, or any annex that you are required to comply with.

To comply with the Ecuadorian law, companies and/or individuals must comply with one or all these requirements.

  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Purchase & Sales VAT Return
  • Transactions Annex
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Employees Annex (Under employment contract)
  • Dividends, Earnings Annex
  • Municipality Tax
  • Partners, Shareholders, Administrators, Managers Annex

We will also assist you on calculation of deferred taxes and the provisions for taxes

VAT Tax Refund

Did you know that tax refunds are not a senior only benefit? If you have a disability, you can benefit from it – regardless of age!

Learn how to get up to $96 per month in Tax Refunds – ask us how.